Monday, September 21, 2015

Taro and sweet potato balls by Angela Seah Thulin

I love Taro and sweet potato balls! I fell deeply in love when i first had it in Taiwan during a holiday many years ago. Then they launched this in Singapore. Oh my! Not just me, even my husband is in love with it. We could have this every alternate day easily. Since now i've moved to Sweden, i have to make everything from scratch. My husband had a big portion right after his dinner. He was saying - I was craving for this so much! Mmmm...the chewiness of the yam with the cooling sweet grass jelly...

Easy recipe, not difficult but you need time to do it.

Taro and sweet potato balls with grass jelly dessert by Angela Seah Thulin

350g yam
130g tapioca starch 
1 tbsp caster sugar

60gm sweet potatoes 
25g tapioca starch, or more 
2 tsp caster sugar

Steps -
1. Peel, cut the yam and sweet potatoes into slices and steam till cooked. Est. 20minutes...
2. While yam is hot, mash it and mix in the tapioca starch using a ladle. Add sugar in. Then knead to form a dough. Add bit of water if needed. 

3. Roll it into a thin long log and cut. 

4. Repeat the same for sweet potatoes. 
5. You may freeze them if you do not want to cook all. Dust with some corn starch to avoid sticking together.

6. Prepare a cold icy water in a big bowl. 
7. To cook - in a pot of hot boiling water, add these in. Let it cook till float and then continue cooking for another 2 minutes. 
8. Transfer them to the cold water immediately. 

Yam, sweet potatoes in orange and yellow color

9. Assemble with grass jelly and done! 

Notes - sweet potatoes are quite moist, you will likely need more tapioca starch. Do not add too much or keep adding them else it will be too chewy. If it's still too moist, let it rest aside and it will slightly harden otherwise place the dough into microwave for ten seconds or so. 

I bought these bubble pearls and boiled them myself :)