Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pan-fried rice cake with red bean paste by Angela Seah Thulin

It was only yesterday that i brewed a big pot of red bean soup. As i have always liked the soup only, i tend to use the leftover beans to make them into red bean popsicles, but this time i made this sticky snack. This rice cake is crispy on the outside with a sticky texture from the glutinous rice flour. You will taste the sweetness of the red bean paste and also smell the fragrance of the sesame seeds...mmmm... 

It's super easy to make this!

1. Red bean paste (or you could use ready-made paste) - 

400g overnight cooked red beans
6tbsp brown sugar

In a pot - stir, mash them and cook till dry. You should have about 250g bean paste when done.

2. The dough - 
150g Glutinous rice flour
estimated 140ml water (start off with 80ml water and add slowly)

In a large bowl, mix the above together till the dough comes together and soft. 

3. To assemble - 
Weigh each dough to be 20g
Weigh each bean paste to be 15 or 16g

Flatten the dough, wrap up the bean paste and shape into a ball. Then gently press it flat and coat with sesame seeds.

4. Heat up non-stick pan with alittle oil over medium heat, pan fried the rice cake for 2-3mins on each side, you will know it's ready when the rice cake has soften.

Done! Hope you like it!

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