Monday, September 07, 2015

Tapioca flour jelly by Angela Seah Thulin

I have always love this tapioca flour jelly in my dessert BuBur Chacha (cook with coconut milk, sweet potatoes, yam - a common dessert serve in Singapore(. 

And very often  i have to get up very early just to go to the wet market in Singapore to buy this. Staying in Sweden, i have to make myself from scratch for most of my cravings. 

This is the tapioca flour jelly. Since i love it so much, this time i added them to my Longan/red dates dessert instead. 

Ingredients - 
100g Tapioca flour
est. 80ml boiling hot water (starting from 50ml, add slowly)
*opt - coloring
*opt - caster sugar (abit)

- Mix together and knead them into a pliable dough
- In a pot with boiling water, cook these till float, then scoop up after 1-2 mins.
- Transfer them into icy cold water to achieve the chewiness.

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